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Glass Curtain Walls


Glazing glass curtain walls can be a complex process, but Mid Continent Glass is here to help make it a bit easier for you. A glazing glass curtain wall is a non-structural outer covering of a building, typically made of glass panels that are attached to the building’s framework.

To begin, it’s important to consider some factors before starting the glazing process. These factors include the building’s location, climate, architectural design, energy efficiency needs, and building codes/regulations. You may want to consult with professionals or experts in the field to ensure you have all the necessary information.

Now let’s go through some of the steps involved in glazing a glass curtain wall:

1. Design and Planning: Determine the design, layout, and requirements of the curtain wall system. This includes selecting the type of glass, frame material, thickness, and any additional features like insulation or soundproofing.

2. Procurement: Once the design is finalized, MCG will source and order the required materials such as glass panels, frames, seals, and fasteners. It’s essential to ensure that the materials meet the necessary standards and specifications.

3. Site Preparation: Before installing the curtain wall, the building’s structure needs to be prepared. This involves cleaning and preparing the surface where the curtain wall will be attached.

4. Installation: MCG typically begins installation by fixing the frames onto the building’s structure. Then, the glass panels are carefully installed into the frames, ensuring they are properly aligned and secured. Seals and gaskets are then used to create a watertight and airtight seal between the glass panels and frames.

5. Testing and Inspections: After the curtain wall installation is complete, MCG will conduct a thorough testing and inspection to ensure that the system is functioning properly. This may include water penetration tests, thermal performance checks, and structural integrity assessments.

6. Maintenance: Once the glazing glass curtain wall is installed, regular maintenance is crucial to keep it in good condition. This may involve periodic cleaning, inspection of seals and gaskets, and addressing any issues promptly.

Remember, glazing glass curtain walls should be done by professionals experienced in this field, as it requires expertise and precision. Always prioritize safety and adhere to local building codes and regulations.